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Qatar Boat Show

A Luxurious Celebration of Marine Life, Leisure and Luxury in Doha

The Qatar Boat Show is set to make waves as the inaugural edition promises to be an extravagant celebration of marine life, leisure, and luxury. It’s poised to captivate audiences with a dazzling showcase of world-class crafts, vessels, innovations, and entertainment, marking a significant milestone as the first yacht show of its kind in the city of Doha, hosted by Old Doha Port.

An iconic, global event, the Qatar Boat Show will bring together the world’s biggest and finest yachts, maritime experts, and diving enthusiasts. In addition to the maritime allure, the show will feature a convergence of luxury brands and companies from automobiles, music, fashion, and art, ensuring an inclusive experience for captains, sailors, dreamers, adventurers, and everyone in between. Inclusivity is at the heart of QBS, ensuring that there’s something extraordinary for everyone to explore and enjoy.